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Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
is about more than just enzymes

Discover the PERTZYE® (pancrelipase) difference

PERTZYE microspheres are uniquely formulated to contain pancreatic enzymes with a bicarbonate buffer to simulate normal pancreatic digestive function in CF patients with EPI.1-4

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PERTZYE offers flexibility in dosing and delivery options

To help your patients stay on PERTZYE from infancy to adulthood, PERTZYE offers flexibility in dosing options for managing EPI due to CF.

Dosing strengths1

  • 4,000 USP lipase units capsule
  • 8,000 USP lipase units capsule
  • 16,000 USP lipase units capsule
  • 24,000 USP lipase units capsule

Capsule illustrations are not actual size and do not represent exact color.

Administration options1

  • Standard oral administration
  • FDA-approved gastrostomy tube (G‑tube) administration for the contents of the 4,000 USP lipase units capsule

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